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KI ME KAN Karate Tel Aviv

KI ME KAN is a karate Dojo (club) in Tel Aviv. KI ME KAN classes Integrate traditional karate, modern karate and karate-jutsu (practical self defense), focusing on maintaining and improving physical and mental health. The teachers, Barak Hadad (LicAc) and Amit Hadad (BEd, MScPT, PhD student), combine knowledge and experience from the fields of physical training and natural medicine so that the participants will be able to practice the art for many years. The art of Karate is suitable for everyone: adults and children regardless of age, weight or special skills. Join Us!


Address: Reading 35, Tel Aviv

Barak Hadad: +972 5 84638590   |   0584638590

Amit Hadad: +972 5 06303290   |   0506303290

Email: kimekandojo@gmail.com

Sunday: 19:15

Wednesday: 19:15

Friday: 14:30

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Why Bother with Karate?

Roy Kamhi, KI ME KAN black belt student | 29.8.15

Karate at its basic definition means empty hand. It is a unique form of hand and leg movements and techniques that teach us to defend ourselves. Through training and mastering the movements, we develop other forms of attributes such as health, confidence, self-esteem, focus, and self-discipline that can also be recognized as set of principles. Ultimately, Karate honestly helps us strive in becoming a better person as we seek to reach our true potential as human beings; the way we express ourselves and the way we treat others.

This is true in concept, but in order to truly understand the impact of Karate, we have to endure its pain and overcoming challenges that come with it. The test of perfecting the Karate techniques and going up the belt ranking system creates deeply physical, personal and spiritual barriers that we need to rise above. Karate cannot be taught overnight, it is a life struggle of perfecting our skills and principles. As we mature, our perception of life changes, and we need to adapt to new environments; Karate helps us achieve that.

I cannot remember my life without Karate; I have been expressing the physical aspect of Karate my entire life, since the age of ten. Now, twenty one years later, I can honestly say that its physical aspect is a very small piece in a very large puzzle. I believe that conquering the balance between its physical and spiritual aspects is its true meaning.

Karate has helped me live a honest life, a life where I am always trying to learn something new and of course reach my true potential in this Society we live in. It has supported me through all my life challenges. It helped me as a young boy moving abroad and learning how to adapt to a new environment with new friends and staying true to myself and my own spiritual principles. As an adult, it has helped me overcome obstacles such as earning a College degree. Also, at the workplace when I needed confidence for an interview or a work presentation; the feelings and principles learned in Karate helped me defeat the challenges. In its most basic form, it taught me how to control my emotions if its aggression, depression as well as happiness, and channel those energies in a positive manner.

Karate teaches us to look at obstacles head on, and transform them into life goals. Once we achieve those particular goals, our individual energy or power grows, and makes us ready to tackles future forms of obstacles.
Karate is life!